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Soja Youth Mindful Martial Arts

Focus | Respect | Awareness | Confidence



“The program not only teaches Kung Fu skills but also helps children reflect about their own life behaviors and habits. My son has improved in school and at home. He loves Kung Fu and I am so happy we found a place that places less value on competition and more value on helping students grow into individuals with character, and calm disciplined minds.” – Parent testimonial

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Monday –  Thursdays     4 – 5 pm   5 – 6 years   &   7 – 12 years Beginners

Monday –  Thursdays     5 – 6 pm    7 – 12 years Advanced   &   Teens

Fridays                             4 – 5 pm      All ages kids  &  teens  Sparring with pads.

Saturdays                        10 – 10:45 am     5 – 6  years Beginners

Saturdays                        11 am – Noon      7 – 12 years Beginners

Saturdays                        Noon – 1 pm        7 – 12 years Advanced & Teens

Unlimited monthly classes for $125/month.

We are currently offering 50% off all new memberships prior to our move to our new location at San Pablo & Ashby in Berkeley.  Contact us today to take advantage of this offer.


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The Soja Kids Program

The foundation of our program is White Crane Silat, an Indonesian martial art with a direct lineage from Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu. The founder of our martial art style chose the white crane as the school’s symbol because of its gracefulness, beauty, and balance in nature. The crane is peaceful and only attacks in self-defense, thereby conveying a sense of harmony that has been infused into our training.

Like many martial arts traditions, our art is holistic. That is to say we address the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Our teaching incorporates martial practice in solo forms and partner work, acrobatics, self-defense, health, meditation, as well as self-assessment in class, school, and home.Our teaching method is based in structured play. Play, especially rough and tumble play, is extremely important in the development of children as they become confident in their bodies and learn to assess physical risk. It helps them with self-control, communication, emotional regulation, and understanding aggression in themselves and others.

While free play is important and should always be a part of children’s lives (and adults too!), martial art lends some structure to the play and to the exploration and development of physical abilities. All good martial arts training for kids involves instruction in terms of basic postures, footwork, grounding exercises, as well as formal movements to teach good form and technique. All martial art training improves balance, coordination, and agility.

Through martial arts practice, children build confidence as they learn that they can be successful through their own efforts. They will own their new skill because it was not a gift, but was earned through their own efforts, patience, and persistence. Confidence leads to adaptability, resilience, and the ability to recover and focus.

At Soja, our teachers understand the transformative potential of martial arts practice. Through cooperative physical play and self-cultivation, we endeavor to make ourselves the best people we can be. We look forward to sharing this goal with you and your child.

Read more about our Teaching Philosophy by clicking here

The Soja Kids Belt System

Earning new belts is one of the way we motivate kids to success. At the 5-6 level our kids earn different colored stars which they iron on to their belts. At the 7-12 age level kids earn belts with colored stripes. We hold belt tests every 3 months and all kids participate in the test whether or not they are testing that time. At the 7-12 level kids get a card with 20 challenges they must complete before they are allowed to test for their next belt. As the students increase in belt rank, the requirements for the next belt become more rigorous and the training time between belts increases.

The belt tests are also a time where we hold conferences with the students, teachers, and parents in order to evaluate their progress in class, at school, and at home. We believe that the lessons learned in our martial arts program should be applied across the board in all aspect of the student’s life. Take a look at our Student Self-Evaluation HERE. For more information on the belt testing look HERE.

What to expect at your first class

If you are coming for your first class please:

  • Sign up online HERE or contact us HERE before you show up for class. You will sign the waiver here online only.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early so that you can meet the teachers and orient yourself to the studio. Leave another 5 minutes to find parking!
  • Have your child dress in comfortable, loose clothing for working out.  Please have them leave their jewelry at home, and long pants instead of shorts, and short sleeve shirts as we do tumbling.  If you decide to continue after your first class, you can purchase a uniform at that time for the introductory price of $45 which includes a belt, tshirt and pants.
  • Expect that your child may be shy or nervous. Especially if they are young they may want to sit with you during part of the class, either off to the side or on the training floor. We’ll work with you to make needed accommodations.
  • We don’t take water or bathroom breaks during class (unless it’s an emergency). Please make sure to explain this to your child prior to arriving and that they get water and use the bathroom before class begins.

For directions and FAQ  CLICK HERE