Strength and Conditioning

Stress Relief and Mindfulness

Self Defense and Martial Arts

Strength & Conditioning

Peter guides you through diverse fitness challenges that he practiced over the past 40 years while studying different types of martial arts, yoga and gymnastics programs. Peter customizes these program to make you stronger and more aware, so that you can actually sustain your growth over years, not just a few weeks, with minimal training injuries. Starting with foundational movement techniques to build coordinated body movement, Peter leads you through different natural human body movements that challenge your mind, body & soul simultaneously. Peter builds your awareness (mindfulness) by helping you understand it’s not what you’re doing, it’s how your doing it, one of his core training principles.

Stress Relief & Mindfulness Training

Are you a working professional? With kids? Full time mom, plus working professional? COVID got you down? Systematic racism and political polarity in our county get you stressed out occasionally? Peter offers you a multitude of techniques that help you release your stress from simple breath work techniques to healthy movement to self massage that you can do anywhere, anytime. Peter has been training meditation through breath work since he was 12 years old. He started with a traditional practice of seated breath work under John Lawrence, and then moved on to moving meditation through his various martial arts training. Currently he follows the training of Dan Brule’, which is to say he simplifies the process for his clients to grow over time with small steps leading to sustainable, constructive outcomes.

Martial Arts

Peter’s Teaching Method

Peter employs Principles-Based Training techniques in general. By principles based, he means he focuses on building fundamental blocks of movement and the strategies and principles which improve all of your movement. All of his training is informed by professional anatomy practitioners with a real world application in mind. Peter believes in cultivating a rigorous search for the truth that allows for cross-platform discussions of effective and healthy body movement.

Peter’s training lineages:

Peter’s long term martial arts study is rooted in western functional training, traditional Chinese and Indonesian martial arts styles, including PGB White Crane Silat (Shaolin Kung Fu mixed with Pencak Silat), Wing Tsun, Russian Systema, Chi Gung, T’ai Chi, Shito Ryu Karate, and Eskrima and various grappling arts including Brazilian Jiujitsu. His self-defense system comes from Rory Miller’s Chiron Training program. See more on that system below.

Applied Self Defense Training

After training traditional martial arts systems for 30 years, Peter met Rory Miller in 2008 and has studied his applied self defense system with him since then. Rory’s Chiron Training program is a concepts based teaching program based on simple and effective movement and human predatory psychology. Peter assesses his clients ‘victim profile status’ with in-depth personal interviews, then offers practical life choices for that vary greatly based on peoples’ lifestyles and goals. Peter strongly believes that EVERYBODY has the right to defend themselves and their loved ones regardless of any physical limitations. Great for beginners and intermediate clients who ‘don’t like to fight.’ For those who like to roughhouse, and don’t have much physical training, Peter creates different training programs.