Self-Defense for Kids

Soja’s Kids Self Defense Series provides age-appropriate instruction in self-defense and safety. 

Our classes focus on more than your child’s ability to defend themselves in emergencies. We teach skills for building healthy social relationships and assertiveness in every area of life. Each course covers a broad range of topics including safety, awareness, communication skills, self-advocacy and deciding when it’s okay to break the rules.  We are just days from starting our new 6 week Friday afternoon age appropriate weekly classes in self defense. Sign up for the 6 weeks and receive a significant discount, or do a drop in for more.  It starts this Friday, September 21st.
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We offer workshops for different age groups on a rotating basis, each concentrating on aspects of self-defense and situational awareness appropriate for children of that age. Our teachers save space in every workshop to address your and/or your child’s specific safety concerns! Please let us know how we can help your family by contacting us today and sign up for an upcoming workshop with Soja Kids.

Kids Environmental Safety

This workshop covers basic environmental safety concerns for youth ages 5 – 12 years old.

We will discuss and practice:
• Traffic Safety
• Getting Lost
• Dogs/Hazards/Natural Disasters
• Levels of Alertness
• How to get Help

Playground Self Defense

This workshop covers safety on the playground and other peer settings, for youth ages 8 – 12 years old.

We will discuss and practice:
• How to walk with Calm, Confident Awareness
• How to identify potential problems
• Strategies for avoiding problems before they occur
• De-escalation and escape techniques when problems occur
• How to talk to, and get help from, adults

Kids Stranger Safety

This workshop covers how to interact with strangers, for youth ages 5 – 12 years old.

We will discuss and practice:
• How to identify safe and unsafe people
• Levels of Alertness
• Setting Boundaries
• How to get Help
• Self-Defense Options

Self Defense Concepts for Teens

This workshop covers essential self-defense concepts for teens.

We will cover:
• Understanding Violence in and outside of School
• How to Avoid a Violent Encounter
• What to do if a Violent Encounter Occurs
• Sexual Harassment
• Bullying
• Boundary Setting
• Self-Advocacy and Getting Help
• Q&A for Teens to discuss their specific concerns

Custom Self-Defense for Your Friends and Family

You may have a unique self-defense need that you’d like addressed in a private setting with your friends and family. Let us help.

Soja sends qualified self-defense instructors for adults and children to your school or workplace for an instruction that is tailored to your groups’ specific needs. Read more about Soja’s self-defense courses for adults and talk to the studio today about setting up a class for your group.