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Interested in renting Soja for your private / public event or workshop?  

Soja rents this space out to all sorts of cool community minded folk all the time, from martial arts groups to dancers to theater groups, to meditation groups and private parties.  The below Description Proposal Questions help the Soja office respond more accurately and quickly, to help you make a better decision if our space if right for your event. 

Not for profit organization hourly price = $35

For profit organization hourly price = $45 or more, depending on the use.

Discounted hourly rates are offered for those groups that book often and with blocks of hours and day rentals. 

Thank you for proposing your workshop / class / event!  Please answer the below questions to the best of your knowledge. Some questions may not be relevant to your event or class; just respond n/a if it doesn’t apply.

Please copy and paste this below text with your answers into an email to send to the Soja office at:

  1. Have you ever been inside the Soja studio before? If so, when was the last time, and for what activity?
  2. Have you ever done a formal walk through of how to open up and close the studio? If so, when did this happen?  If not, you will need to schedule a 15 minute walk through time at least a week prior to your workshop.
  3. What is the duration of your class / workshop?  How long does it last? 1 hour?
  4. If this is a series, describe the length and number of the series of classes.  Is this a one off workshop….or would it be part of a series over a few weeks or a couple months?
  5. If this is a class proposal, would you like it to be ongoing?
  6. First and last name of the head instructor of this workshop.
  7. Home address of the head instructor of this workshop.
  8. Current telephone # of the head instructor, for day of workshop contact purposes.  Please enter a mobile number for last minute issues that come up on the day of the workshop.
  9. Provide a biography of the teachers’ relevant experience for teaching this workshop, about a paragraph long.
  10. Current email address of the head instructor, for day of workshop contact purposes.
  11. Describe what type of liability coverage (if any at all) the head instructor and team is covered by. The Soja studio has full liability insurance coverage – but that doesn’t cover visiting instructors or event coordinators.
  12. Describe the specific details of the class/workshop to the best of your ability…the more details the better.  For example: What are the goals for the participants of this class? With what types of skill building exercises will you use to achieve these goals?
  13. What is the minimum age necessary to be able to participate in this workshop?  Be specific, thanks.
  14. Describe the first and secondary target population of participants for this class/workshop  Age, gender, physical capacity? I.e, this workshop is for men & women, or women only….or those who have some prior martial arts experience in this form…. No problems if you don’t know.
  15. List any prerequisite skills/experience that participants will need to be allowed to participate in this class / workshop.  Be as specific as possible.
  16. List any groups or specific people you would like to offer complimentary to entrance, or a discounted registration price to this workshop.
  17. List any people or groups of people who you would prefer that they DO NOT to participate in this workshop.  Sometimes teachers do not want to invite particular groups…as they are public events, that’s not always possible, but we like to keep it in mind.
  18. How many people from outside the existing Soja members do you know who are likely to register for your workshop? State your best guess for a minimum & maximum.  If you’re not sure, that’s okay…just say so.
  19. Detail all the materials / tools you will need the Soja studio to provide to make this class a success  What is essential to your workshop? Please state the obvious. Training pads? Mats? Water? Other specific training tools?
  20. Describe your marketing plan for getting out the word about your great workshop/class.  For example….1 month before the workshop I will send out a link to the Soja online event posting…then I will post this on my facebook page….2 weeks before the class I will follow up with phone calls and emails…etc. Anything you do here helps, you don’t have to be a marketing professional. Remember most people (in the SF Bay Area LOL) need to be reminded of a particular event at least 5+ times before they actually commit to going.
  21. What is the minimum and maximum number of participants for your workshop?
  22. List any online resources that describe your work and larger team / community, i.e., websites, blogs, links and so forth.
  23. How would you like to prepare the Soja studio for your workshop, i.e, moving things around, setting up chairs, closing curtains, setting up training tools?  Please be as specific as possible, take the time think this through.
  24. How much preparation and break down time do you need to prepare the Soja studio and to put it back to it’s original state prior to your class/workshop?  Please be as specific as possible, take the time think this through.
  25. List a potential event date and time for your class only AFTER you have looked at the online current Soja class schedule. Then offer 3 different possibilities  1st choice) regardless of whether there is a regularly scheduled class at that time, 2nd choice) the first available free spot in the schedule, 3rd choice) a back up to 2nd choice. Note: there are plenty of private trainings and event rentals that are not listed on the regularly scheduled weekly classes. Soja chooses dates for your workshop/class at least 1 month AFTER we have all the details of your workshop from this form, to allow for a reasonable marketing process.
  26. Thank you so much for filling out this questionnaire! We really appreciate you spending the time on the details, it helps us and you later on. Is there anything else you want the Soja staff to know about your event?