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Parties for Soja Kids

Celebrate your child’s special day at Soja!

Soja Mind Body is glad to host your family and friends at our beautiful studio for your special day whether you’re celebrating your child, teen or even an adult– they’re just big kids, after all! Take a moment to review what our space has to offer (below) and then schedule a phone call or walk-through with someone from the Soja Team to get the details on how our studio will work for your event.

Hosting Your Party at Soja Mind Body

Our Space & Supplies:
  • Four 3′ x 6′ tables suitable for crafts or catering
  • 20 folding chairs
  • Small kitchen area with microwave, electric tea kettle, and refrigerator
  • Trash & recycling cans and bags
  • Two ungendered ADA bathrooms
  • Monkey bars & climbing ropes
  • Padded floors for tumbling with additional pads available
  • Projector (8′ x 10′) and wall-mounted screen (please provide your own laptop)
  • One 50″ television (hi-res)
  • Bluetooth-enabled sound system with six ceiling-mounted speakers
  • Connectors for iPods or CDs (please note that children may not operate the sound system)

If your child’s party has a martial arts or tumbling theme, we include 1-2 instructors for the entire event depending on the number of guests. They will oversee the use of any additional equipment such as strike pads and set up a few games.

Food & Drinks:
We are happy to coordinate with caterers although we do not provide any food or drink beyond the two ADA-approved drinking fountains. Children may eat at tables or on the mylar-covered section of the floor. We ask that any spills get mopped up promptly for safety reasons and that crumbs disappear at the end of the event. Cleaning the studio takes a few adults only 15-20 minutes after the average party and we keep all the standard supplies on-hand for you to use.
 Soja provides at least the following items for your birthday gathering:

If any of the rented spaces (main floor, kitchen, bathroom) are left unclean for any reason there will be an additional cleaning fee of $90.

 Safety Waivers:
The Soja Team wants you to enjoy your special day and therefore takes safety very seriously. If your party plans to make use of the monkey bars, climbing ropes, or tumbling mats, please ask us to explain how to use them safely during your walk-through before the event. Instructors or Soja Team members have the final word on all safety-related issues and their instructions must be obeyed for everyone’s well-being.

All participants need to sign a liability of waiver at the door!  No child is allowed to participate in this birthday party without a parent or guardian filling out and signing the form.  Participants will also sign a photo waiver as we may take pictures for our event marketing– please discuss any concerns you have during the walk-through.

 Our Martial Arts Birthday Party Package:
 Let us take some of the stress of event planning off your plate by choosing our time-tested classic Martial Arts Birthday Party package. We include 1-2 instructors to keep kids entertained as adults manage the cake and ice cream. We’re sharing a basic schedule here that we can customize to meet your more specific needs.
(15 min) Arrival & sign in
(30 min) Fun, structured martial arts class with age/skill appropriate techniques
(15 min) Martial Arts games
(30 min) Eating & Presents
(15 min) Goodbyes
Total 1.5hrs of party time. Hosts may arrive 15 mins early and stay 15 mins later for clean-up for a total of 2hrs.

Cost for this package is $250. Soja Members enjoy a 10% discount.