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Prepare for Your First Class

Welcome to the Soja Mind Body family!

You’ll get a lot more out of class if you take a moment to prepare. If you’re getting ready for your child’s first class, we give some good advice here.

  • Get directions via car, mass transit, or bicycle to our studio in South Berkeley

  • Allow 15mins to find street parking (usually plentiful along San Pablo Ave.)

  • Avoid eating a couple of hours before coming to class to allow for proper digestion.

  • Wear clothes that allow for full range of motion while still keeping you appropriately covered. For a PGB White Crane Silat class, please dress in a short-sleeved t-shirt and workout pants that go lower than the knees, as we do a fair amount of tumbling and movements on the ground. Ideally, clothing is white without text or imagery on it.

  • Silence your phone completely, including turning off vibrate mode.

  • Put your backpacks and valuables into the cubbies located in clear sight next to the bathroom. Do not feed the car thieves!

  • Bring your own water bottle or use our water fountains. Healthy drinks, snacks and more are available to purchase (cash only).

  • Pack books or toys for any children you bring to class. We’re very happy to have them join you if they can entertain themselves!

  • Plan your post-workout hygiene: we have two all-gender bathrooms but no showers.

  • Tell your instructor about any aches, injuries or on-going conditions (including pregnancy) at the beginning of class– it is your responsibility! Whether you are already familiar with how to modify your practice or would like assistance from the instructor, let them know.

  • Share any history of violence that feels relevant with your instructor. Martial Arts and Self-Defense classes, in particular, tend to bring up past trauma and it is crucial that you have a brief conversation with the instructor prior to participating in a class. All conversation is confidential and designed to help you find a way to train your mind and body safely.

  • Contact us with any special needs or concerns– we’d love to have you join us and will work to make that happen!