Preparing for Your 1st Class @ Soja 2017-01-19T00:42:18+00:00

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The entrance is on 24th Street. Ring the door buzzer on the wall to the left of the front door and we’ll open the door from the second floor. Come up the stairs and leave your shoes out of the way to the sides of the staircase.   If the door at the top of the stairs studio is closed, it means there is a quiet activity going on inside such as a brief meditation activity at the end of a class. Please wait in the stairwell for that activity to finish before attempting to enter the studio.

Walk, BART, bus or bike to the Soja studio!  There is a bike rack across the street from the building, and is about a 6 block walk from the 19th Street BART station. If you’re driving, allow extra time for parking and use our Parking Info & Map. Do feed the car thieves!  Any bag that is left in your car will be checked for valuables by the occasional car thief, day or night.

 Here are some tips to help you get prepared for your first class at our studio:
  • Arrive for class a few minutes early so that you can find parking and get oriented.
  • Wear clothes that allow for full range of motion while still keeping you appropriately covered. If participating in a PGB White Crane Silat class, dress in a short sleeved t shirt and workout pants that go lower than the knees, as we do a fair amount of tumbling and movements on the ground. Ideally this clothing needs to be white without text or imagery on it, but don’t worry about it the first time.
  • The studio has (1) restroom and no shower. We are building (2) bathrooms in our future space in South West Berkeley.
  • You may borrow mats, blankets, blocks, straps, gloves, jump ropes and pads. Please wipe down borrowed training equipment after each use.
  • Avoid eating a couple of hours before coming to class to allow for proper digestion.
  • Bring your own water bottle or borrow a glass (if you promise to wash it and put it back after), we have filtered water available. Healthy drinks, snacks and more are available to purchase.
  • Silence your phone, rather than set to vibrate mode.
  • If you have any injuries, are pregnant (taking a non-prenatal class), or have any other other conditions, it is your responsibility to inform the teacher before class begins. If you are already familiar with how to modify your practice, or if you would like assistance from the instructor, let them know.  If you are taking a martial arts or self defense class and you have a history of serious trauma that happened recently or may hinder your participation in the class activities, it is crucial that you  have a brief conversation with the instructor prior to participating in the class.
  • Bring your backpacks and valuables into the main training room and place them in clear sight next to the bathroom.
  • Got kids? If you have a child(ren) who can keep themselves entertained for the duration of a class without disturbing you or the other students, you’re welcome to bring them.  Kids can sit at the sidelines of the class or, sometimes, they can stay outside on the staircase if they are mature enough.
  • The Soja studio has a well functioning heating and air conditioning system that we use quite often. Soja workouts tend to be warm, not too cold and not too hot, i.e., around 70 degrees.