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Mindful fitness at Soja focuses on three overlapping disciplines.
While each method offers significant benefits on its own, we encourage a comprehensive and cooperative approach to unlock your maximum potential,
achieve your goals and experience your natural power.

Functional Fitness

We combine the best practices from martial arts, dance, gymnastics, kettlebells, body weight exercises and other movement modalities to create results-oriented workouts that offer challenge and variety. These empowering and energetic workouts develop cardiovascular health and strong muscles. Restore your body’s basic functions, engage your anatomy and physiology, and learn to move in intelligent, natural ways during any strength-building or cardiovascular exercise.

Flexibility Training

Soja’s flexibility training program draws from the postures and flow found in contemporary yoga styles and offers many of the same physical and mental benefits. Explore mindful transitions to find grace and fluidity in movement, stretch to increase range and ease of motion in muscles and joints, improve balance and stability through grounding exercises, and use conscious breathing to access deeper levels of awareness and relaxation.

Martial Arts

Our noncompetitive approach distinguishes Soja from your typical MMA gym. Coordinated movements from kung fu, tai chi, silat, jujitsu, submission wrestling, kickboxing, stick fighting, and systema explore traditional techniques and self-defense as you learn solo forms and play-based partner exercises. Emphasis is on heightening control and body awareness, and practitioners of all ages, genders and experience levels will find encouragement and challenge as they work toward their goals

Taken in concert, these three disciplines will empower you with better coordination, heightened awareness, a stronger, more limber body and a calm mind.
This kind of whole-body fitness will improve your performance across all your training and throughout your daily life.

Soja’s classes are about so much more than getting fit.
Our classes are an opportunity for you to establish community and a sustainable, more fulfilling relationship with where you live — your body.