Soja’s Moving! New Location Details

To offer you and your family greater convenience, Soja has signed a long term lease on a new property in south Berkeley at 3015 San Pablo Avenue @ Ashby.  That link brings you to a google maps page with all the details.

It’s a ground floor retail space of a large high end condo complex just finished about 3 months ago that has just received Platinum level LEED certification. 40% of the water used in this larger complex is filtered by the onsite grey water system.  The condo complex is called “The Higby.”   You can see it yourself by driving by on San Pablo and peeking in the windows.

We plan to shut down the current Oakland studio and move to this new location as soon as the build out is done this late summer, in August or September. Currently the space just a concrete shell, so we plan to add electricity, plumbing for (2) ADA compliant bathrooms, nice lighting and sound system and climbing ropes, monkey bars and striking bags. The floor is new concrete and will have a padded area for the youth program and submission wrestling classes. There are 15 shared parking spaces available for all the retail spaces inside the building. It’s much easier to find free on street parking at this location, about 3 blocks from Berkeley Bowl West.  As soon as we receive our final permit from the City of Berkeley and have a schedule from our contractors, we’ll give you an update. 

Soja’s new location 3015 San Pablo Avenue from the South looking north on San Pablo.

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